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Michelle Angelique, Avenging Angel Assassin

by Lori Jean Grace


SistersRevengeEBCover9x6AllFixed12.15Michelle was just another kid growing up in the hood. Then life got hard. After her parents died, her older brother—a gangster himself—took good care of her. But the street life killed him. She was twenty, scared, no skills, and had a score to settle.

Charlie’s Angels meets the hood – three friends struggle building a better world. You’ll be thrilled by the un-put-down-able action! You’ll root for Michelle and her friends! You’ll be deeply satisfied with the results!

Adult Audience – Strong Language – Sexual Situations – Violence – Reader discretion advised.

Michelle is certain of three truths:

  1. She will get her revenge.
  2. She won’t let friends be hurt.
  3. Good sex is not everything, but a girl’s gotta get her swerve on.

Is that a friend you want to have your back? Yes? Then Sister's Revenge is for you!

A Qualified Predator, A Real-Life Kick-Ass Hero

Michelle is a woman who will stand up and get even whatever the cost. You can count on her to deal with strong men – in and out of the sack – on equal footing. She’ a hero who doesn’t take any crap and sees through the games others try to pull. In the end, she knows what battles to win and when to come back for another day.

Work, Excellent Sex, and Revenge are Good Bedfellows

Like great sex, good men come and go, but don’t mess with a woman’s family or friends. Hell hath no fury like a woman wronged. Best friends Michelle, Deja and Nikky get revenge on the thugs and no-count boyfriends while proving good friends are the life support they all need.




Perpetual Creatures Book One


Lighter Heart of the Dead FrontJerusa Phoenix has always been close to death — and not just because of the congenital heart defect she’s bore since birth. Jerusa can see the lingering spirits of the dead. She is bright and beautiful, but her sickness, along with her otherworldly gift, has made her an outcast.

When she ventures out one night, despite the warnings of her best friend, Alicia (who happens to be a ghost), and stumbles upon a group of vampires, a battle rages between immortals over Jerusa. She is transformed into a vampire, and is surprised to find that she enjoys it. For the first time in her life she doesn’t feel sick. But every light casts a shadow, and from the ashes of the battle arises a creature of incredible destructive potential—a savage flesh-eater whose very existence violates the most ancient of vampire laws.

Now Jerusa must join with the other vampires and use her ghostly power to hunt down the savage beast before he can wreak havoc on the town and make others like himself.

Jerusa has never been so powerful, but will she be able to find the savage before he attracts the attention of the rulers of the vampire race and bring their wrath down upon them all?




Perpetual Creatures Book Two


BaP18.8x25Since becoming a vampire, Jerusa Phoenix has been dreading the day that she must go before the Stewards of Life to be judged. Then comes the night she returns home to find a pair of Hunters waiting for her.

Jerusa and her coven are whisked away to meet with the Stewards, and she cannot rely on her maker, Silvanus, to save her this time. Silvanus has been gone for months, searching for the truth of who he really is. Jerusa is unsure what’s worse, her pending judgment or that she may never see Silvanus again.

The Stewards hold only two attributes worthy of immortality: beauty and power. Jerusa is strong and fast, far more than any fledgling, but the scar that remains on her chest from her heart transplant as a human will almost surely condemn her to death. Jerusa has one hope. She is the only vampire who can see the spirits of the dead. She has been warned to keep this gift secret from the Stewards, but what choice does she have?

Something is amiss. A new enemy has risen from the ashes of the mountain prison where Silvanus was kept. Rumors abound of a growing army of savages. Jerusa can’t bother with any of that right now, though. If she hopes to win her right to remain a perpetual creature, she must find a way to survive the Stewards’ cruel and twisted tests.



by Michael Parker


Manfred Schiller is the world's most powerful and richest citizen He controls an enormous industry that covers most aspects of everyday life. The key to controlling his organization is a week-old baby boy, and Franz Molke—leader of the People's Party in Germany—aims to control the Schiller empire by kidnapping the infant. The kidnap fails, but the baby disappears in the process. Ex IRA terrorist and SAS soldier, Conor Lenihan fights double cross and cyber warfare in an attempt to find the infant.