So it turns out that I am a Beautiful Blogger.

There I was relaxing in the Philippines – getting ready to face the daunting task of turning 40, when I found out I had won an award. Unfortunately, due to slightly slow internet connection, it took me another two days to find out exactly what I had won. It turned out that the lovely and talented Di Jones – extreme dog lover and author of the recently released ebook ‘Transplanting Holly Oakwood' – had won the Beautiful Blogger Award and then very kindly passed it on.

I am new to blogging, as although I admired other people's blogs I never really thought I had anything interesting enough to write about. (I suspect the pilot, who claims I never shut up, would find that statement extremely funny.)  But once I started blogging, I found I really enjoyed the process: coming up with quirky ideas and turning them into something interesting enough to be read by others. I haven't written that many, but get a deep sense of satisfaction from each finished piece. So I want to send out a HUGE thank you to Di Jones; firstly for reading my blog and secondly for liking it enough to give me an award.

So there are a four main stipulations that come with the award. I have to post the award on my site, (see award on left and also in the top of the right column), I have to acknowledge the person who awarded it, (Di Jones), I have to tell my readers 7 things about me that they don't know and lastly I have to pass the award on to 7 other bloggers.

So, 7 things you don't know about me. Hmmmmm, where to start?

1. When I was 18 I got fired from Best and Less. Something I'm actually a little proud of as it's the only bad-ass thing I've ever done. (Not really that bad as a whole heap of us older staff were fired on the same day and replaced with 14 year olds, making it a cost cutting expedition, but hey, it's my rebel story and I'm sticking to it.)

2. I was a Dental Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force for 6 years and it's where I met the pilot.

3. I learned Pole Dancing on and off for 2 years. Although I suck at it, (my legs are far too fat), I recently performed on stage at a ‘Girlie Bar' while on holidays in the Philippines, to a thundering applause.

4. When I was 6 I fell out of a tree at my Grandmother's house and broke three ribs. It's the only time, and hopefully will remain the only time, I have ever broken a bone.

5. In 2007 and 2008 I won the Far North Queensland Bathroom Designer of the Year Award.

6. I had my first boyfriend when I was 3 years old. His name was Matthew and he was 4. We used to walk around pre-school holding hands and he gave me a purse I kept for years. The relationship was dashed quite early on when he was sent to a different school. I am sure somewhere, very deep inside, I still carry the scars of our traumatic separation.

7. Like Di Jones I also am often able to remember my friend's dogs names while clueless about their children. Sometimes I take it even further – also unable to remember my friend's names.

Phewww – well it was good to get all that off my chest. So now to the next very important part of the award. I get to pass it on seven-fold.

Drumroll please……………

1. Nikki McIntosh – Romantic Comedy Author. The comment under the photo in her latest blog made me laugh really hard.

2. Jean Lauzier – for her blogsite Under the Trolls Bridge and especially for her blog – Midnight Snack.

3. Kristy Berridge – Author of The Hunted Series – for her fabulous book reviews and insights into life.

4. Rachell Amphlett – Author of White Gold – for her invaluable titbits on writing.

5. Rachel Abbot – Best selling Author of Only the Innocent – for her fantastic blog on editing.

6. Lisa Bouchard – For her article Are Mummies the new Zombies?

7. Chris Jay Becker – Author of Death in the Fast Lane – For his excellent author interviews. I particularly enjoyed the one on John Locke, one of my own self-published heroes.

So congrats to all the new winners. I hope you have as much fun with the award as I did.

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3 comments on “So it turns out that I am a Beautiful Blogger.
  1. Woohoo!! I never win anything!! And like you Donna, I’m new to blogging so it’s nice to be noticed for it. I’m glad the photo made you smile … I’ll just post that photo over and over again now … 🙂

    Looking forward to putting my “7 things” and “7 bloggers” together!!!

  2. Nikki McIntosh says:


    Thanks for nominating me for the award – I’ve never won anything before where I didn’t have to sleep with the person first … nice change! 🙂

    Can’t wait to put together my “7 things” and “7 bloggers” list!!

  3. Di Jones says:

    Another great blog Donna – you definitely did deserve to win this award….pole dancing huh? Gotta write that into the next superb chick lit!

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