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Thanks for taking an interest in my work. To check out all my books, hover over the My Books in the menu bar to activate the drop down list.

Like most writers I've been creating stories since I was a small child with an over-active imagination. Now that I am an adult with an over-active imagination I am lucky enough to have some of those published.

I am currently working on Two Weddings and a Fugitive, Book 4 in the Chanel Series. I love this book. It's fast and fun as we look at what happens when the cast of The Chanel Series meets the cast of The Seven Steps to Closure.

Meanwhile I am in theĀ initial plotting stages of Faery Revenge – Book 3 in the War Faery Trilogy. Here we'll continue Izzy's tale as she battles against Santanas and the evil he brings to her land. I am hoping to have it finished by the end of 2015.

For all you authors that are thinking about self-publishing, I've produced an in-depth ‘How to Self-Publish' manual suitable for the most computer incompetent amongst us. I take you through everything you need to do before you publish, and then walk you through different formatting options, even giving step-by-step detailed instructions on how to format your Word document for print publishing. Finally a ‘how to' book that actually tells you how to do it! Self-Publishing: How to Publish Like a Pro for a Fraction of the Cost is available on Amazon.

Already done all your research but not sure how to format your masterpiece for publishing? Check out my formatting guide, Self-Publishing: A Beginner's Guide to Formatting. It's also available on Amazon.