Inside – What Inside?

I was recently lucky enough to go on a trip with the pilot to Hawaii. It was a long way to go for the short amount of time we had there (two days) but I didn't care because for a long time now Hawaii has been my happy place.

The first day was spent shopping and then watching the sunset from Duke's bar while we drank copious amounts of cheap cocktails. (Okay okay, I drank the ‘girly' drinks. The pilot is a real man and he stuck to beer.) The second day we hired SUP boards and carted them down to the water, where we braved the locals, the reef and the friendly-midget-tiger shark and tried out our moves. (Happy to say the midget-tiger shark did not make an appearance. In my book a tiger shark is only “friendly” until it decides it is hungry.)  There was certainly no carving it up being done by me (I spent more time in the water than on a wave), but the pilot put in a good effort and Australians will be glad to hear that we could hold our heads up high.

(In my defense I realised early on that the water over the reef was only waist deep. This induced nightmares in my fertile imagination as I pictured myself being dashed to death on the underlying rocks. It turned out that the waves weren't that powerful but by the time I discovered that I had found the only thing there was to worry about on the reef. A sea urchin.

You can imagine my cries of pain as I jumped on the darn thing while propelling myself onto my board. Then of course there was the terror of not knowing what had stung/bitten/caused-grievous-bodily-harm to my foot. I side stroked out of the killing zone wondering how many seconds I had left to live, willing up the courage to lift my foot out of the water to survey the damage. And when I did I wished I hadn't. Think excited porcupine.

The next few minutes went pretty much like this: side stroke, side stroke, lift foot, pull out a few spikes, duck under next wave, side stroke, side stroke. Anyway you get the picture and this isn't really the point of this blog. I was just looking for some sympathy.)

So what it the point of the blog? Well there was a word the surfers kept using when they were explaining the best spots to surf. (I am sure the Australian surfers use it as well but if you've read any of my blogs on surfing you'll know I try to avoid real surfers. They normally make me cry.) They kept saying “inside”.

Now I have a pretty good idea of what inside means when I am talking about a box or a house or even a book. But when I'm talking about the ocean I get confused. Did they mean inside the reef line, or the wave closest to the rock wall, or closest to the shore? And if there is an inside is there an outside?

Of course they bandied the word around in sentences that also contained the words don't and certain death, leaving me with a dry mouth and sweaty palms. Obviously I lived to tell the tale, which I guess means I managed to stay the right side of inside. Or was I outside? Sigh. I guess I'll never know.

Even though I left Hawaii spatially confused I did learn a few handy things during my trip. I learned how to treat a sea urchin injury (you don't) and I found out that consuming several Mai Tais is an effective way to treat pain. And I always say that a day you learn something is a good day – especially if it involves drinking cocktails at sunset on a beach in Waikiki.

((Only one sea urchin was harmed during the making of this blog.)Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download)




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